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Don't Replace Your Cabinets. Paint Them!

Revitalize your cabinets at a fraction of the cost with our specialized cabinet painting services. We utilize premium paints that ensure a stunning and enduring finish. Attention to trim and fine details is part of our commitment to achieving a unified aesthetic for your space. Contact us to explore how we can enhance your home’s interior.

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Why Work with Us?

VanHousing Painters LLC Company has 7+ years of experience offering cabinet painting services throughout Covington, Issaquah & Bellevue, WA. We use the highest quality paints and materials to ensure every project is flawlessly completed.
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Mess-free cleanup
App to five years warranty

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You have questions, we have answers

How much does cabinet painting or staining cost?
We always provide free estimates to avoid miscalculations or misleading our customers. Every home is different, with different types of cabinets, different levels of wear and tear, and of course varied door and drawer sizes and quantities. It also depends on the paint chosen, such as different colors for top and bottom cabinets, or other more customized requests. We will assess your project and provide an accurate estimate, so you understand the full costs. Regardless of size, you’ll find cabinet painting or staining is far more affordable than any other remodel option.
Why pay for professional cabinet painting services?
The trick to long-lasting paint surfaces is proper prepping, priming and application. Although you can do this yourself, you won’t have access to the effective tools we use. As well, every detail must be managed very carefully, as even little traces of old paint or stain can interfere with the smoothness and adherence of the enamel paint. Last but not least, we use a special spraying method that ensures a smooth finish for a highly professional look.
How does cabinet painting work?
Cabinet painting is a very simple process. The doors are removed, and the cabinet bases are sanded, primed and painted in place. The cabinet doors and drawers are removed and finished offsite using specialty equipment to get a professional, durable finish. The doors are then reinstalled once the finish has cured and set.
What are the benefits of cabinet painting ?
The benefits of cabinet painting services include:
  • A kitchen makeover at the fraction of the cost of a remodel br
  • No messy, noisy tear out that leaves you without a functioning kitchen for weeks or months
  • Everything remains in place, and we take the doors with us to perfect the high-quality finish using our specialty equipment
  • Extremely durable finish for your cabinets
  • Endless colors available for a completely customized look
However, cabinet painting is not limited to kitchens. We can paint any of your cabinets, including your bathroom vanities, laundry room cabinets, built-in cabinets, and more. Just give us a call to discuss your cabinet painting project or to request a free estimate.
What kind of paint is used for cabinet painting services?
We use a high-quality very durable primer with enamel paint for a professional, flawless finish.
Are painted kitchen cabinets high maintenance?
All kitchen cabinets are put through their paces with exposure to cooking grease, heat and of course spills. Enamel paint is ideal for kitchen and bathroom use as it is easy to wipe clean.